Emblem of the Academy

The emblem of the Academy consists of an oval ground containing:

  • an upright staff with a serpent intertwined (the traditional symbol of the medical profession);
  • an open book (symbolising medical knowledge, and on whose pages the four characters of the Chinese motto 博學啓康appear);
  • a bauhinia blossom (representing Hong Kong at that time and in the post-1997 era);
  • concentric coloured rings of increasing diameter (symbolising ever-increasing medical knowledge and ever- flourishing medical enlightenment); and
  • a ribbon on which the Latin motto, OPUS MEDICINAE SALUS, is inscribed. 


Presidential badge

Academic Gown of the Academy 

Academy gown

A dark green velvet gown with silver trim is designed to be worn by Immediate Past Presidents, Officers, elected Council members as well as prestigious overseas guests at academic ceremonies.