Continuing medical education and continuous professional development (CME / CPD) is a continuous life-long learning process for Fellows of the Academy and comprises activities that serve to:

  • maintain, develop or increase the knowledge, skills and competencies relevant to the practice of Fellows that may change over the years; 
  • enhance professional performance to enable the delivery of quality professional care and safe standard of practice to the patients, and public that Fellows serve, and; 
  • ensure that Fellows will remain competent throughout their professional career.

The Academy is the only statutory body in Hong Kong with the authority to determine whether a registered medical practitioner or dentist on the Specialist Register of the Medical Council of Hong Kong or the Dental Council of Hong Kong has fulfilled the CME / CPD requirements. Fulfilment of CME / CPD requirements is mandatory for Fellows of the Academy requiring their names to be included in the Specialist Register. The minimum CME / CPD requirement is 90 points in a 3-year cycle.   

Accredited activities may include: 

  • Participation as an attendee in FCAA
  • Chairing / presenting at FCAA 
  • Self study 
  • Publication
  • Research 
  • Development of new technologies or services 
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate teaching 
  • Conducting examinations
  • Postgraduate courses 
  • Development of CME / CPD or knowledge-translation materials
  • Quality assurance and audits 
  • Activities for improvement of patient / medical care
  • Grand rounds in training units
  • Reviewers of Hong Kong Medical Journal (HKMJ), journals of Academy Colleges, and indexed journals
  • Hands-on clinical attachment programme 
  • Other non-medical professional development activities

Exemption from fulfilment of CME / CPD requirements may be considered by the Academy if the Fellows:

  • retire from active practice; or 
  • suffer from acute / prolonged illness and permanent disability. 

Non-compliance That Is Remediable

A Fellow must:

  • have achieved not less than two-thirds of the required number of points for a cycle; or 
  • be certified to have suffered from a medical condition which the Academy Council considers as a reasonable cause for the CME / CPD non-compliance. 

The Academy may, at its discretion, accept other conditions if supported by the College of the Fellow on reasonable grounds. 

Non-compliance That Is Not Remediable 

For Fellows who have obtained less than two-thirds of the required number of points for a cycle without acceptable reasons, a recommendation for Fellowship suspension will be made. Reinstatement of Fellowship shall be subject to the conditions stipulated in the Academy policy paper entitled “Reinstatement of Fellowship”.

A Fellow shall be certified to have fulfilled the CME/CPD requirements for the purpose of Specialist Registration, as long as he / she has obtained the required number of points for a cycle.

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